Nope. Not me. Not New Bella Boudoir.

There's been a bit of confusion lately, so I thought I'd clear up any misunderstandings. Bella Boudoir is not "New Bella Boudoir"  there is no affiliation and is NOT going out of business!  There's a bit of a backstory to this - so bear with me.

Last fall I was kindly informed by a lovely girl who occasionally models for me that another local photography company was opening a new division specializing in boudoir.  Ok.  Cool.

Yeah.. notsomuch.  The part that wasn't cool was their choice of names -

"New Bella Boudoir"

$*#$&#@  Seriously?!?!?

I'm not the only Bella Boudoir operating within the United States, but I am the only one registered within my state of operation.  The choice of business names was not illegal by any means but, in my opinion, it wasn't smart.  I spoke with the owner of "New Bella Boudoir" just before their big launch and asked her if she had really considered the ramifications of her choice.  She stated that she had and intended to launch with their new name.

Ok.  Here's the part that may be a bit catty but, truth be told, I can get a bit catty when a person threatens my livelihood.  This is how I feed my children, to me - in business or in your personal lives there are some things that are off limits, and my ability to care and support my family is one of those.... back on track.  I bought up all of alternate domain names for  "New Bella Boudoir" and pointed them all to my site.

Now - 7 months later they're out of business.  Gone.

That's not the best part.  As part of their 'big debut' they had an on-air interview with a local radio morning show and offered this honey of a deal -

This is the best part, the icing if you will -  the part where they've offered this awesome 'deal' and not honored it.  They've disappeared and 34 people have been left without their purchased imagery  and a hole in their wallets about the size of a Ben Franklin.

I wish I could honor this deal, but to be 100% honest, I've not structured my business in such a way that would allow me to break even at this honey of a price.  I've often wondered how in the world a professional photographer with a valid business could STAY in business practically giving away their craft.  I guess the folks at "New Bella Boudoir" answered that pretty clearly.  My sincerest apologies to those folks that have left in a lurch.  I am even embarrassed that the owners of New Bella Boudoir have chosen to behave in such a way that is reflecting poorly upon my industry.

In closing, I'm not quite sure exactly how or what words I should use to sign off - so I'll simply say -

I'm not affiliated with New Bella Boudoir and more importantly, I'M HERE TO STAY!

That is all.