Boudoir session in action

I've had the rough cuts of this for a few weeks... it's been TOUGH keeping it under wraps.  I have to share how this came about and if you've read even a few posts on this crazy blog-o-mine you'll already know that I'm NOT a big fan of writing.  ((truth be told, a pap smear brings me less anxiety than a blog post))  Too much info?  *nervous grin* Back on track - I don't enjoy blogging.. it feels so... salesman-y.. but without blogging, how else does my potential client get to know me.. the me that I am, the me that she has to trust that I will do her justice in a semi-nude state of dress?  Believe me when I say that I KNOW the anxiety that comes with this whole process.  Ugh.... if the results weren't so awesome, I'd prefer yet another pap smear.  I needed to show that I don't bite, the process isn't painful and maybe, just maybe - it could be fun....

Enter Maura Coleman of Creative Films.  Holy smokes this girl is on-fire with talent.   Maura came recommended to me several months back by a birth photographer and for a week or two I'll admit - I facebook stalked her.  ((I promise it's not nearly as creepy as it may sound))  Finally, when I decided that she's THE ONE, I asked ((it felt as though I were proposing marriage, anxious, almost waiting to be rejected))  we chatted, we chatted some more and then we met.  Truly, it was love at first coffee date!  I yapped, she listened (bless her, because I'm a talker and she's a busy lady)  I knew what I wanted to accomplish - ((to get out of writing that darn 'about me' page))  and like magic - she pulled it off.  She's amazing.  Truly.

Video by the wonderful and fabulous Maura Coleman of Creative Films.

Hair and makeup for the future misses by very talented and beautiful Jolie Allen of Jolie Artistry.

Hair and makeup for me by the amazing and stunning Melissa Evans.