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"I was nervous about being nude in front of someone I didn't know. I'm modest by nature. Petra made me feel so comfortable. It was like hanging out with a close friend or a sister. All my fears quickly went away after we started taking pictures. Petra is a the time I left, I felt I'd made a new friend.  Petra is a professional...with a great artistic eye. You will'll feel'll love your results. I love Bella Boudoir and I WILL go back!"  


"This session was something I wanted to do for my husband, but my biggest fear was that I would be too self-conscious to pull it off.   After meeting Petra and discussing my session in advance I was immediately put at ease. She made me feel confident and put to rest many of my fears. Feeling like a "model" for a day made me feel special. Having the opportunity to have your hair and make-up professionally done gave me immediate self-confidence and eliminated a lot of the pressure woman have when trying to get dressed. Petra directs you in a way that makes you feel beautiful."


"I feared being self conscious of my body, it is something I have always been. I was a late bloomer in life. This did not come true. Petra made me feel comfortable, it was like something clicked, it's very hard to describe. I loved how empowered I felt when it was done. I felt beautiful and great about myself. Petra is all about building you up and seeing your potential, even you don't fully realize it's there. Yes, there are nerves, but those are put to ease. Petra will will only photograph the best side of you and is great at helping you pose in away that only shows the best while letting your natural beauty come through."