Change is in the air - change is good.

As much as I love my current studio, it's time for a change. Bella Boudoir is moving!  The new studio is less than a mile away from our current location at 2100 Grand.

It is ... well.. aaaahhh-mazing!  Two floors of photographic yumminess, complete with exposed brick and mortar, twelve foot ceilings with yummy exposed beams, a delicious hardwood floor and windows!  Ohhh.. the windows!   Oh.. I almost forgot to mention - THE CLAWFOOT TUB!  I see bubbles in my photographic future!

The plan:  Neutral tones, white on white with little pops of rich color here and there.  The first floor is destined to become a living area type set with new round loveseat.  Shabby modern in style... with a ROUND!  LOVESEAT!  ((sorry, I'm a bit stoked on that one))  Another small area will be sectioned off for comfy cozy proofing consultations on the big screen :P

Traveling up to the second floor - the bedroom set.  Think over-the-top lavish, romantic, rich in texture, neutral in tone.  The second floor will also include a private dressing area full of my stash of vintage accessories, and finally a few chairs scattered about for a bit of variety.

I can't wait to show you.  June 1st is the big moving day, and without missing a beat, Bella Boudoir will be ready for sessions on Monday, June 4th!  Oh.. the new address?

1800 Central, Suite 204, KCMO 64108 - One block south of the Kauffman Center, one block east of Broadway on 18th street in the heart of the Crossroads District.  ((Can we say First Fridays!??!))

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