The best accessory ever!

I had the pleasure of capturing this little princess on Tuesday afternoon. It was mentioned by her person during our session that she'd wanted to bring this sweet girl but had forgotten to ask and wasn't sure if it was appropriate. Of course its appropriate! Anything that brings 'you' to your session is appropriate (unless that part of 'you' includes a boa constrictor.. then I may think twice)

I believe that these portraits should include the things that bring you or your relationship with the intended recipient into your session - to my mind, those items like your husband's favorite football shirt or his old boxers from college create a much more personal edge to your finished portraits.   Intimate portraits shouldn't only include a garter and a sexy snarl - we women we're multi-faceted - strong yet soft, sensual and romantic and often bold and sassy.  By all means - bring your best accessory - so long as it isn't a snake.