Happy Independence Day!

Just a quickie to wish everybody a very happy and safe Independence Day.  

I spent my day relaxing with an old chest of drawers... a piece I picked up months ago and haven't had the time or the energy to get started on.   Reviving old pieces of furniture was a hobby I picked up last summer when furnishing my first studio.  I love the lines and the sturdy build of vintage furniture but wanted to blend those vintage lines with a clean and modern finish and so I googled and pinned and repinned and read more articles about the pros and cons to this chemical or that.  Wet sanding versus dry sanding and primers galore.  The photo below are two of the pieces that were 'reclaimed and repurposed'...

Today - I started on a third piece that promises to be every bit as beautiful as her sisters-in-waiting. ((If you have a session coming up, please don't be alarmed by the state of my hands - oil based paint is a bit of a beast to the ol' manicure.))