My dirty little secret

I'm a mother. A wife. An entrepreneur. Chief, cook and bottle washer, laundry attendant, kisser of boo boos, a member of the PTA and room parent. My day starts with a few quiet moments with my thoughts and a giant cup of coffee before the 'get'm there on time' chaotic hustle begins and doesn't stop until work has been done, kids have been fed, something has been scrubbed, laundered and prepped (usually last minute) when finally, I can be reunited with my pillow, my thoughts and my husband --- who, by this time, is fast asleep and snoring like a bear.

I know, for a fact, that most of you reading this can relate.  Or perhaps you're just jumping into the rabbit-hole of ever lasting love, future children and the obligations that come with adulting. 


My question to you is when do you find the time to do something that makes you feel feminine, beautiful or maybe even a little sexy?

For me, since doing that whole seemingly trendy breast cancer thing, feeling feminine has been a struggle. So much of a struggle that I've made it a priority to do something, wear something or surround myself in something beautifully feminine.

Often, I buy myself a dozen roses to put on my desk at the studio or in my kitchen, wherever my mood strikes in the moment. Other days I wear a skirt and heels, throw on some bling, hair done, makeup perfect even if I'm only hitting the grocery store after work.  Some days don't allow for the time and effort of getting all dolled up. On those days I wear sexy little things under my yoga pants. I won't lie, I think these days are my favorite because under the comfy but slightly ratty-tattered t-shirt and yoga pants, I'm wearing a dirty little secret and I feel sexy.




Petra Herrmann