Shit colored glasses and a travesty of justice

Removed from Facebook
Removed from Facebook

Before I dive into the shit-colored-glasses topic from yesterday's post I need to rant a moment. This morning, as I sipped on my first cup-o-coffee, I tried logging into Facebook from my phone. I'd pulled up my Facebook app and I'd been logged out, at that moment I'd assumed that Thing One (eldest child) had used my phone to update his page at some point during the night, as he does this often;  forgets to charge his phone, makes off with mine... whole other rant... turns out my assumption was wrong.  ((ASS-U-ME))  My log-in was unsuccessful and a tiny little dialog popped up that informed me to try again but at a computer.     Interesting.

Noteworthy mention:  I'm not much of a morning person as it seems that each day I wake with my brain coated in snot and it takes a moment or thirty and several cups of coffee for that mind-fog to fade away.

I then did what any serious coffee drinker would do:   I finished  my coffee.

After, I slowly dragged my tired hiney to the laptop to try my hand at the log-in page.  Upon log-in this beautiful image spashed across my screen.

What's that say? Huh? Wha?  -------->

((Censor bars added so that when I link this post to my Facebook page I won't get flagged as a repeat offender.  As much as I'd like to buck the system, I value my biz page and cherish my personal page))

Value and cherished pages aside, I have to wonder.  Why did my little ol' image get yanked when there are far more provocative images on pages with far more following than mine.   Another noteworthy mention:  Upon creation of my biz page, I elected that only those over the legal age of consent could view my page.  If I had it my way, it'd be legal drinking age, but that wasn't an option.  

For example, these gems from the La Perla page.

Photos from La Perla
Photos from La Perla

No disrespect, La Perla, but my photo doesn't reveal the subject's entire booty crack nor does it reveal boobage of any sort.

Remember that song? ((revealing my age here...but what the heck, right? wear it proud)) ♬ Things that make you go hmmmm ♪