Accentuate the Positive

It all started with a tweet. A single tweet last summer that started our association as fellow entrepreneurs, grew to include the photographer/client relationship, a budding friendship and back again as fellow entrepreneurs,  my muse in an upcoming project and my not-so-secret girl crush.

I had the honor and privilege of providing Caroline her collection of intimate portraits in celebration of her engagement to the love her her life, Jason.   She is a true beauty, inside and out.  During that session I was *amazed* at how she could wiggle herself into this perfect, awe-inspiring hourglass form.  Her experience as an art model combined with her profession as a burlesque performer made shooting her almost effortless on my part.  Since then, I've often found myself wishing to crawl around in her brain for awhile, to soak up those fluid lines and authentic smiles that she creates both on-stage and before the camera.

You can read about our session here written from Caroline's perspective... and with Caroline and Jason's permission, an image from her session.

Since crawling around in her brain isn't a viable option, instead, she has chosen to teach a class on the art of accentuating your curves.  A class that I have the honor of hosting at my studio.  Whoo hoo!  Please follow this link for the details...

I'm so excited about this I can barely sit still.  Now I have to go and find some comfortable performance heels.... (do those even exist? guess I'll find out)

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