5 Myths about Boudoir Photo Shoots

I've heard it all before. The countless reasons women (and men!) feel unworthy of stepping in front of the camera. "I need to lose weight!" or "I'm not photogenic!"

But honey, let me tell you this. You are quite literally paying me to make you look good, and dammit, I do my job well. That extra padding you're terrified of showing off or the new laugh lines framing your face doesn't mean you can't vamp it up for the camera.

So whether you're building a bridal boudoir book, spicing up a long-term commitment, or just feeling the urge to show off your goods, here are five common myths that should never prevent you from booking a boudoir session.

Myth #1: It costs too much money!

I get it, it seems strange to invest so much money in photos. But notice I used the word invest, because that's exactly what photos are. Skilled photography is an investment in your future to ensure you have a clear picture of your past. 

Most people feel comfortable investing in wedding and family photography but forget the power of intimate portraiture. Traditional photography captures a beautiful shared moment you can remember fondly with friends, but boudoir photography captures something totally different. The intimacy and vulnerability you feel with yourself and/or your loved one is a memory worth investing in. 

Myth #2: You need to be a perfect in shape

Feeling good in your skin is important and I'll never hate on the necessity of exercise, but I promise the only thing you'll notice in your photos is how glamorous and beautiful you look. A skilled boudoir photographer won't hide your "problem areas," but draw attention to your natural beauty.

There's no need to wait until you have the ideal body to show off; the most important thing is preserving this moment in time and embracing your body the way it is, right now.  You'll be amazed at how beautiful your body truly is when you relax, smile, and let your true beauty shine through. 

Myth #3: It’s only for young people/brides/relationships

While a spicy book of portraits is a fun gift, having a significant other is by no means a requirement. I've seen countless clients bare it all as a gift to themselves. Your body is the most precious thing you own; it's important to celebrate and remember all that it has done for you. 

Myth #4: You have to be kinky/sexy/confident/love being naked

There is no standard for sexy. And thank god for that! I've had some women prance into my studio with spanking skirts while others donned a hoodie and sweats. The particular kind of sexy is completely determined by you. You set the tone and the mood with whatever makes you feel the most glamorous. 

And hey, you might be surprised at how liberating being naked can truly be!

Myth #5: Everyone is going to see them!

I understand this concern. It's scary to think of your photos getting in the wrong hands. But professional photographers should have very particular policies in place to protect you. Your photos should never leave their hands without your explicit consent. If you're unsure, absolutely ask about where and how your photos will be used. It's your body, you have the right to protect it.


All in all, these myths shouldn't stop you from exploring boudoir photography. Regardless of your weight, finances, or relationship status, there is a way to make intimate portraiture work for you. I promise, you won't regret the investment. 




Petra Herrmann