Warm and fuzzies

This morning I woke up to a wonderful review. There it was, sitting patiently in my inbox waiting to make my day. Reviews are something I look forward to receiving. The replies matter to me a great deal and I practically beg for honest feedback. Brutally honest. Please!!! I feel that honest client feedback is essential to the growth of my company and can only better the service I provide. My thoughts often veer off topic, so I'll rein them back in .. /customer service soapbox.

I am blessed. My clients are doctors, lawyers, teachers, homemakers. Recently divorced, celebrating 30 year anniversaries. I have shot enlisted military and those that serve through their spouses' enlistment. Each client is unique. Each client beautiful, each intelligent and some wickedly hilarious.... veering again...

My point is this ... I am grateful. Grateful for the thoughtful feedback, the kind words and the opportunity to have met and known each of my clients.. this one nearly made me cry this morning... I'm sharing not as to boast, but I'm sharing this as my own little personal victory. As my own 'mission accomplished'


Can I get a W00T-W00T!??!