Get your groove back on

I have a great job.   This is something I've known for quite a while, but today, it really sunk in.  I have a fabulous job.

As a mom and significant other, I often lose sight of my own sensuality and femininity.   My 'groove'  gets lost in the mountain of laundry, in the day-to-day chores and seemingly never ending to-do list.  I know that I'm not alone.   Most of my clients will agree that on a day to day basis, they too have misplaced their 'groove'.

Through the portraits I provide to my clients, I have the honor of helping these wonderful ladies rediscover their 'groove'.  Their beauty, their grace and sense of sensuality.

I recently received this note of thanks, "OOOO WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I love, love, love the cd with my photos!  You have made me feel so special and so empowered!  Thank you.... a million times over!!!!!"

I have a fabulous job!