Santa ain't got nothin on me!

With the holidays rapidly approaching I've been a busy little thing shooting and editing and designing, oh my!  Initially, I set my holiday deadline for December 1st but quickly my calendar became filled to the brim. I love what I do and find it hard to turn clients away so I extended the deadline to December 7th.   What's a teensy bit of lost sleep?  I'll sleep next year. Almost within a blink of an eye my calendar was filled.  Again.  My calendar cup overflows...what do we do when our cup overflows?  WE GET A BIGGER CUP!

I've extended the holiday deadline once again.  Sessions scheduled on the days circled below have the last minute gift giving opportunity to give the gift of themselves.  I cannot promise custom albums as the time required for manufacture does not fit within the time-frame  but I can promise that my Digital Darling collections can be safely nestled under the tree before the big guy in red comes scooting down your chimney.




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