Enticing.  That's a beautiful word, isn't it?

It's a little known fact that I am a total word junkie. I could lose an hour or three in the thesaurus just trying to the find the perfect word and I could probably wallpaper my workspace with all the post-its containing those fabulously descriptive words and phrases that somehow inspire me. I lost a couple of hours to the thesaurus again yesterday when asked to find 3 words to describe my style of intimate portraiture.

I was stumped.  I'm still stumped I think, but I certainly like mesmerizing, enticing, breathtaking, intoxicating, inviting, dynamic, sensual, provocative and captivating, can't forget captivating, I like that one a lot.  After jotting down all my favorite words I came to realize that these words describe the women that I'm commissioned to capture.  Add bold, daring, strong and dynamic and I think you've described women in general.  Wow... it's good to be a girl. We kinda rock!

Enticing is the word that came to my mind when I first laid eyes on this set.   Yum-my! It is seductive with its black lace,  yet soft and inviting with the pink ruffles and bow.  If paired with pearls, nude stockings and black stilettos...you might even consider the look breathtaking.

Available at Sazzy's Lingerie of Leawood, Kansas.

Till next time,