Skin care essentials

Last year I was treated to facial at my favorite salon.  Rostik Salon and Spa in Overland Park is owned and operated by Rosty and Shannon Besfamilny. Rosty has been my stylist for over eleven years. ((pronounced Rusty, short for Rostislav. He has the most amazing Russian accent!))  I first met Rosty when he was fresh out of his apprenticeship and just starting to build his own clientele. Me? I looked as though I'd gotten in a tumble with a weed whacker. Looking back I'm not sure how Rosty got through our first appointment without laughing hysterically.  It had to be a challenge.  Since then I've been a loyal client of Rosty's and have been blessed to bear witness his successes, both personally and in business.

Allie Summers is a licensed esthetician at Rostik Salon and Spa.   Allie has graciously agreed to give us a few recommendations on skin care.

In thinking about preparing for a boudoir session can you give your thoughts about..... Q:  What do you consider to be essential in skin care to renew and refresh the complexion?

A:   Exfoliation and Hydration are key to creating a healthy glow. Exfoliation accelerates the cell turn over rate to reveal healthier younger looking skin. Hydrating freshly exfoliated skin plumps fine line and wrinkles.  My favorite treatment is Rostik's AlphaBlend Chemical peel followed by BioElements Gel Therapy mask.

Q:  Wax on. Wax off. In comparison to the average everyday shave, what are the benefits to having unwanted hair professionally removed. How long before a portrait session would you recommend having the hair removal done?

A: Waxing trumps shaving every time. With waxing you are weakening the hair follicles so results not only last much longer than shaving, but also have long term benefits by reducing the amount of regrowth. With waxing you're also avoiding the ingrown hairs and razor bumps that you get with shaving. After I wax my clients I generally use our high frequency machine to further reduce the risk of post hair removal bumps. Ideally facial and body waxing should be done about 5-7 days prior to a portrait session.

Q:  What are the benefits to having makeup professionally applied as opposed to a d.i.y. application?

A:   For a professional photo shoot, your make up is going to need to be different than your everyday make up application. A professional knows tips and techniques that will highlight and accentuate your best features, and factor in lighting and coloring. Makeup artists are also up to date on current trends and products. Its always best to leave it to the professionals!

Thank you Allie~!!


P.S. Allie has given me facial that she referenced in her answer and it was amazing.

P.S.S. Allie has also helped prepare for my own boudoir session, she was very gentle :)~~