Long time no see: A confession, an update and a share.

I'm awful about blogging.

Kind of.  I do blog regularly on another blog that I co-found.  That blog is for other boudoir photographers and I find it somewhat easy to blog for my peers, however for my clients - I struggle.  I'm not one to ever be at a loss for words, ever.  If we've ever chatted on the phone or in person you'd know that I talk.  A lot.  But when blogging for my clients, or prospective clients I have a hard time because I don't want to sound all 'salesy' which is kind of the purpose of a business blog.  See the problem?  It's a conundrum, wrapped up in a tortilla of awkward.

So.  There's that.  My reason for not having blogged in months.

Moving forward.

Forward.  Onward.  Upward.  Down the hall.  On September 1st Bella Boudoir will be moving.  EEEKKK!  Say what?!?!  Several weeks ago I found out that another space in my building would be available at the beginning of September and I took a gander at it as I've been feeling a bit cramped in my current space.  I nearly jumped for joy when I saw it.  I mean, I had to try really hard to maintain my composure and hold back the girly squeals.  The new space is literally down the hall from me with north and east facing windows ((it's a corner suite)), the accommodations are modern and the floors newly refinished.  Five minutes after having seen the space I was in my car, on my way to the landlord's office to write the check to reserve the space.  MINE.  ALL MINE!  ((Can you tell I'm slightly excited?))  

Putting ourselves back onto the priority list.

For a couple of years now my friend "E" has been talking about coming to have her portraits done.  We had even gone as far to book a date last year but I think she lost her nerve and cancelled nearly last minute.  That's ok.  This is one of those things that has to be done when the time is right.  I know this, I've been in her shoes and if you're here as a woman researching boudoir portraits and local providers, I've been in your shoes too!  It's a scary but oh-so-very exciting thing to consider, these provocative portraits.  I understand the hesitation.  I understood when my dear friend "E" chickened out *wink* The time just wasn't right... until it was.  All sessions are fun, truly.  I enjoy each and every one of my clients so it's like icing on the already-awesome-cake when I get to photograph a personal friend.


"E" is an artist, an entrepreneur, a mother and a wife and like so many women do, she often puts taking time to do for herself on the very low end of the priority list.  It's just what we do, until we don't anymore.  For me, it was when I realized that I was miserable trying to make everyone around me happy, except for me.  When that realization came, I put myself back on the top of the list of priorities and began making time for myself, giving myself permission to do things just for ME.  "E" did this session for herself.  Of course her husband will also reap the rewards, that's a given, but this was a gift to herself, a reminder that she is indeed a very beautiful, fun, sassy and one-helluva-sexy woman.

Thank you "E" for allowing me the honor and privilege of capturing you.

Until next time,