What could be sexier than courage and determination?

She sat on the chaise near the window hunkered down under the cream colored throw shivering as she waited for me to finish arranging the studio to start the next set.  Her body had not yet acclimated itself to temperatures under 100°.   Once I was ready to continue shooting her boudoir session, she handed me the now-warm cream colored throw and stood ready to shine and I thought to myself that this woman is simply amazing.  

Today's client had just returned from a 10 month deployment in Kuwait.  Can you imagine?  We spoke of 143° days, of the lack of indoor plumbing, the smell of Kuwait ((think camel)) and the accommodations of our deployed military.  My first world brain isn't wired to even entertain the thought of visiting a desert crawling with camel spiders and scorpions so admiration and awe are the two words that spring to mind as I think of my client and our session today.  Courageous, smart and determined.. more words that describe her.

Anyway.  I was so struck by her that I felt the need to blog.  Right away!


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Miscellaneous afterthought:  Damn! It's good to be a girl.  Aside from the monthly visits of what's-her-name and the 9 months we get to endure before childbirth we girls really have it made.   What brings this to my mind right now is remembering my client who walked in this morning, clean hair, clean face as requested and the stunningly gorgeous, glamorous version of the same woman that stood before my lens. The transformation is amazing and that's the part where I feel sorry for guys - they can't vamp it up like we can.


Another miscellaneous afterthought:  What's with this no-shave November thing?  ...and why does it only apply to men?