Warning: Boudoir may cause pregnancy.


Numerous unexpected side effects have been reported from having a session with Bella Boudoir. These side effects affect both men and women.


PREGNANCY: Bella Boudoir admits being responsible for any pregnancies that result from having a boudoir session. If you find yourself pregnant at any point after your session with Bella Boudoir, feel free to name the offspring after your fabulous photographer.

ADDICTION: Women who intended to have a “once in a lifetime” boudoir experience have reported an overwhelming urge to do it again and again. Therefore, addiction is an emerging side effect from a boudoir session. Lack of concentration is a commonly occurring indication of boudoir addiction. This inability to focus is caused from continuously looking at your pictures to admire them. Imagining different themes and settings for future boudoir sessions and looking at different lingerie for a future session is also an indication that you may have an addiction. Another indicator of boudoir addiction is thinking up different reasons to have a boudoir session. Valentine’s Day, your birthday, anniversary, Christmas, losing 5 lbs, running a 5k, Tuesday...addicts make up all kinds of excuses.

If one or more of these symptoms occur after your session, immediately schedule another session with Bella Boudoir, as this is the only known cure.


INCREASED HEART RATE: Viewing images created by Bella Boudoir puts you at risk for irregular or substantial increases in the rate of your heartbeat. Relieve the increase or irregularity by asking your spouse or loved one for help. She will know what to do.

OVERHEATING: Bella Boudoir sessions may produce an elevation or spike in your body temperature. Should your temperature peak in such a manner that you start to feel warm and tingly seek immediate attention from your beloved or a cold shower may be the drastic, yet necessary measure to bring your temperature down.

EXCITEMENT: If you experience a tingling feeling, seek immediate assistance from your loved one to render aid. Again, swelling may occur. If aforementioned swelling and/or excitement lasts longer than 4 hours you may want to seek medical attention.

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