Beauty, grace and charm.

So often I am asked, "Am I too old for boudoir photos?"  My answer is always the same.  Absolutely  not!  In celebration of my own 40th birthday I had a dear friend and colleague shoot my own boudoir portraits..and believe me when I tell you.. I wasn't this hot at age 20!  To date, my models have been in their mid-to-late twenties or early thirties.  When I was introduced to this beauty I nearly fell over myself at the opportunity to include her within my modeling team!  Miss G is 51 years young and just gorgeous!  She has a very confident sense of self that comes with life experience and an inner beauty that shines throughout her entire being.  Our session was a lot of fun and won't soon be forgotten!  Thank you Miss G for allowing me to capture your beauty and grace.  For more images of Miss G, please visit the the Bella Boudoir of Kansas City Boudoir Gallery. Inspired,


Boudoir portrait