I've sat here for at least ten minutes thinking of a title for this post... I'd think of something and then backspace... nah, it didn't feel right, didn't sound right, wasn't the right word ... I have no turn of phrase that would accurately describe what this post is about so it will be 'Untitled' for now... or indefinitely. This post is about family. About love...and most of all .. it's about being a woman.

When I think of people who have had the greatest impact on my life I think of my parents.   My dad, who is not my father but my DAD in every way possible has given me a sense of decency, taught me to act with integrity and do the right thing.  Our relationship is a somewhat typical dad/daughter relationship.

The relationship that I have with my mother isn't as simple, rather it feels quite complicated.

My mother is a force.  I wish I could go into detail why I admire her so - but it's not my story to tell but I will say that she has a strength that I could only wish to possess.  She is tenacious, intelligent, witty and above all else generous.  She's also tough.  The kind of tough that taught me that whining about whatever situation I've put myself in won't achieve a thing that I must create my own solutions.  She taught me to work hard, provide for myself and to endure.   The lessons she taught me did not come easily.....and I can't imagine that I was an easy child to raise ((horrible, awful teenager - truth be told))

My mother.  This force to be reckoned with recently asked me to photograph her.   Sure Mom.  Give me a day.... ((she's been saying this for years but had never committed to date))  I expected the same this time but was a little shocked when she actually gave me a date.  Wow.  Ok.  Cool.




That's  my mom!  ((my inner teenager gagged a bit))

I used to get nervous before sessions.  That went away.  Then I would get nervous anytime I would photograph another photographer.  That went away as well.  Photographing my mother?   NO PRESSURE.

It took me a moment to set aside the fact that I was shooting my mother and put in the forefront of my mind - that I was, in that moment, photographing a woman.  A gorgeous, witty, intelligent,  generous woman - who happens to be my mother.