The highest form of compliment

Where to start? It's been a crazy-busy time around here. Gearing up for the holiday season, spending time with family and keeping up with the laundry has kept me so busy I've not had opportunity to share much of anything here on the ol' bloggity blog. I will start with this...

I'm flattered when someone chooses me to provide their intimate portraits. I'm giddy when that someone happens to be someone whose work I admire.


Flat out, tween giddy. Squeeeeee!


I've had the pleasure of photographing not just one, but THREE professional photographers that traveled a great ways to come to my studio just inside the month of September.  Tonight, I will blog about the first. ((Gotta build up anticipation right? Keep y'all comin' back for more? Right?))

Meet Lynn Clark of Lynn Clark Portraits.  Lynn made a tour of the Midwest last month that included a stop in Kansas City for her session and of course, a visit. Thursday evening we had arranged for a portfolio session that we would shoot together. That evening was cooler than it had been and rainy. Pick up 3 clear umbrellas and we're shooting outdoors! Can I just say that I had an amazing time! Ok - I'm sayin it. I had an amazing time. It's rare that I'm able to venture outdoors for a portrait session anymore but our model, Brooke, was more than willing!  Then Friday we spent the day preparing and shooting Lynn's session.  Two creatives working with one another can often be tricky at best but shooting Lynn was a dream and a hoot!  ((Remind me to tell you about Lynn locking us out of the studio while I am wearing nothing but a sheer lace jacket, panties and heels....))

I'll be sharing more, but for now.. here she is... she's as stunning on the inside as she is on the outside.  I hope to see my friend again very soon ((but next time, I'm hiding a studio key in my shoe))