If you're reading this page you've already taken the plunge by filling out my inquiry form.  This is the page where I'll explain how it all works and what to expect when and where.

You want to schedule your session?  You have two options here.  You can do that online or over the phone.  

  1. If you prefer to reserve your session over the phone I would recommend that you first browse through my session calendar for availability, check out my business policies and then call the studio at (816)607-1267. If I am unavailable, please leave me a voicemail, I return calls quickly.

  2. To reserve your session online please use my session calendar.

The session fee is $825 and serves as a retainer to hold your chosen session date and time. Payment of the retainer is required at the time of booking.  


Once you've booked your session I will send you an email confirmation with your chosen date and time and links to the Session Planner that contains all of my recommendations for styling and preparing for your session  and a pre-session questionnaire that helps me get to know you, your goals and allows me to prepare for your session. If at any point you have questions during the preparation phase of your boudoir experience I am just a phone call or email away to help or, alternatively, we can schedule an in-person session preparation consultation.  I'm happy to help in any way that I can, in any way you feel most comfortable.


The is the third best part of the whole experience. This is the day when all of your plans and visions come together.  I ask that clients be prompt, but not too early as the time before the session is when I prepare the studio for your day.  In the same token, try not to be too late. If you get stuck in traffic please, don't stress, I'd rather you come calm and relaxed and 10 minutes late than be here on time but panicked and feeling frantic. 

My studio is a judgment-free, insecurity-free zone. Words like fat, old, flabby and ugly are not allowed in my studio. Please check all self-doubt at the door. Can't seem to drum up your confidence? Well, we'll fake it till we make it. It'll come. Just relax.


After your session, we will choose a day and time for you to come back for your proofing consultation. In the time between I will select the best images for your reveal. Each image chosen will be retouched to reflect your beauty and to minimize the appearance of any blemishes.

Please note that while I do retouch all images that I include within your proofing gallery it is important to understand the process in which I retouch. I do not do excessive editing such as body resizing or reshaping. Tattoos or tan lines resulting from tanning beds or spray tans will not be removed or retouched.


The second best part of the experience! Within one week of your session, your proofs will become available to you in a scheduled, private proofing consultation at the studio. Here we will discuss your options and products and samples will be available to assist in your selections. Orders are expected to be made at this time. Should you choose an album for your order, you can expect a digital proof of your album design within 2 to 3 days from the day you made your selections.  Once approved, I submit your order to the lab.


This is THE BEST PART OF THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE.  The part that gives me goosebumps as I watch my clients review their albums and wall art.  It's one thing to see the photographs on a screen, something else entirely to see them in print.  

Once I've received your order, I will contact you to set a day and time for you to come pick up your order. For my clients that come from out-of-town, I will ship at no charge. 


Of course!  It helps potential clients feel comfortable hiring me when they see that others have had positive experiences working with me. After you've received your order I will ask you to provide feedback so that I will know where I can improve and what I did well.  

Then, we can plan your next session.