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From MJS

I was nervous about being nude in front of someone I didn't know. I'm modest by nature. Petra made me feel so comfortable. It was like hanging out with a close friend or a sister. All my fears quickly went away after we started taking pictures. Petra is a the time I left, I felt I'd made a new friend.

Petra is a professional...with a great artistic eye. You will'll feel'll love your results. I love Bella Boudoir and I WILL go back!"

From SP

This session was something I wanted to do for my husband, but my biggest fear was that I would be too self-conscious to pull it off.   After meeting Petra and discussing my session in advance I was immediately put at ease. She made me feel confident and put to rest many of my fears.

Feeling like a "model" for a day made me feel special. Having the opportunity to have your hair and make-up professionally done gave me immediate self-confidence and eliminated a lot of the pressure woman have when trying to get dressed. Petra directs you in a way that makes you feel beautiful.

I have already recommended Bella Boudoir to several my friends, because I want them to feel special and experience feeling beautiful for a day!

From SH

I was nervous about not appearing sexy enough.  I wanted this experience to push me out of my comfort zone, but not too much.

Petra made me feel so comfortable.  I really just enjoyed working with her, laughing, trying new things.  When I saw the proofs, I was just blown away with what she had done.

If you would like to capture yourself as you are now to look back on, Petra will capture you in natural light, and make everything so sexy, natural and effortless.  I'm so glad I did it, so is my husband, and you will be too.  Enjoy the experience.

From JWR

My biggest fear is that I would not like how I looked in the pictures.  I rarely like photos of myself and I didn't want to spend a lot of time and effort on pictures that I would not enjoy.  The opposite happened instead.  I was amazed at how beautiful I looked.  I love my pictures and I am proud to show them.

The photo shoot was an incredible experience.  I was very relaxed and even though my hair and makeup were much more glamourous than I ever wear I had a great time during the shoot.  I felt like I was talking to a close friend the whole time.

I have recommended Bella to a number of people. This experience enabled me to see myself in a whole new light.  I felt very empowered and confident afterward. This was especially important because I had recently gone through a divorce and needed to get back in touch with my feminine side.

From LKE

Biggest fear: privacy and feeling comfortable while being photographed. Did it come true?- NO! Given Petra's professionalism, and time used to explain how privacy issues are addressed, we were not  concerned moving forward with our session. And as far as comfort during the shoot.... Once again Petra's professionalism made it very easy to be comfortable with our session. Not only comfortable but made for an incredible experience.

Being able to have a special experience with my husband in a very relaxed setting. It was a true "moment" for us both in the many years we have been together. Hard to put into word honestly....... The perfect day.

Just do it!!!! A truely awesome time, wonderful experience with an amazing and very professional photographer!

From RC

My biggest fear was feeling self-conscious and awkward during the photo shoot, and for that to show in my photos. Meeting with Petra ahead of time and seeing how laid back she was immediately made me relax. She walked me through what to expect, what types of lingerie typically does and doesn't work, made recommendations on what to bring, etc. On the day of the photo shoot my nervousness was gone in minutes and we had an absolute blast...which clearly showed in my amazing photo book!

I did this photo shoot with a very close friend and absolutely loved it. We took turns doing the 'modeling' which allowed the other person to take a break, change clothes/hair, etc. Not to mention getting honest input from your best friend about which shoes, jewelry, etc to wear. Of course, Petra always gave her honest opinion about what would work best for the shoot which I really appreciated. It was quite the 'girls day out'

I think this is a must for everyone...I enjoyed the entire experience and Petra makes it so easy from beginning to end. I enjoy looking at my book just as much as my husband does and am so proud of it! I never feel more sexy or confident than when looking at my book!

From SAN

I felt I might be too old (54) to do this??  Petra made me feel so comfortable!!  When I saw examples of her work I hoped my would be like  that and she far exceeded my expectations.  It was hard to believe how she captured those things we like about ourselves and avoid what we don't.  She's a true professional!

I really enjoyed the whole thing but viewing the pictures with my husband was probably the best!!  Again, the pictures were fantastic and I couldn't believe it was me!!  She captured exactly what I wanted and she took the time to do it so we didn't feel rushed.  We plan on doing a couple shoot in the future!

I would say I had so much fun, the pictures were absolutely wonderful.   Petra really knows how to make you forget about your self and enjoy the session!!  My husband said it's the best gift I have ever given him!!  I was so happy I did this and my friends were really impressed!!  I would highly recommend Bella Boudoir!!

From SB

My biggest fear was not having enough accessories to make the photos pop.  This fear did not come true.  Although I brought lots of accessories, Petra had a great collection of accessories that created visual interest in my photographs!

My favorite part was seeing the finished photos.  They were everything I wanted!  I was very pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the photos were.

If you want beautiful, stunning, sexy, exquisite boudoir photos...go to Bella Boudoir!  Everything from the makeup artist and hair to the finished photos was top notch.  I plan to come back for my bridal boudoir shoot!  Petra is professional and makes you feel very comfortable and at ease.  Truly a 5 star experience!!!

From CC

During the session, my concern was not being able to apply some of my ideas. This was not the case; Your thoughts are valued and you will get the experience you hoped for. In general, I was unsure about the cost and payment process. Fortunately, all expenses are most definitely worth it and Bella Boudoir will work with you to ensure the scheduling works for you.

The actual photo shoot was my favorite part because it is not everyday you get to celebrate your natural beauty in this way. Getting dolled up was very fun, too.

Enjoy the experience-you will feel great and find out just how fun it can be. Bella Boudoir gives you that great experience.

From ABD

I was concerned about two things prior to scheduling my session: 1) that my body isnt as perfect as I would like, and 2) that I would be so afraid to bare all in front of a photographer I hardly knew. Not only did Petra make my face and body look amazing, she put me at complete ease and I forgot all my apprehension during the shoot.

I loved dressing up and feeling sexy. Petra did such a fantastic job making me feel like my pictures were going to be exceptional...and they were! I absolutely loved the expression on my husband's face when he opened the book!

I absolutely would recommend Bella Boudoir to ANYONE! Petra is the best, no doubt. The shoot was fun and easy, but the quality of the book and pictures is unbelievable.

From LJN

I was afraid I would look awkward in the photos as I do not consider myself to be a naturally sensual person. I was also afraid that I would be unhappy with the way my body looked. Neither of these came true at all.  Petra coached me through all positions and faces and the pictures came out beautiful and natural. All angles were flattering for my body.

I was so, so nervous to view the pictures at the proofing and when Petra opened the first one, I was blown away. That feeling of relief and excitement and shock was one off the best parts.

I would say to do it for yourself as much as for your significant other. I love looking at the pictures and had such a fun time with Petra. It was not uncomfortable at all and I would do it again someday in a heartbeat!

From BC

My biggest fear was that when I viewed my photos I would see every imperfection and that they would not look anything like me. Not only did I not look like myself but I looked better then I ever imagined. The photos made me feel beautiful and validated all of the things my husband had been pointing out and telling me for years. It was great to see myself in print instead of my mind reading my reflection in the mirror.

My favorite part was the final product and the confidence that I took away from the entire experience. I had a beautiful book that I could not wait to give my husband and I felt beautiful inside and out.

When I recommend Bella Boudoir to my friends - I tell them to Do it! Don't over think it. Book the appointment, show up and enjoy it! It was a great experience and I would do it again!

From TT

Like every woman, I have insecurities about my body.  My fear was that those issues/concerns would be accentuated or exposed. That was definitely not the case.  Using the natural lighting, Petra was able to manipulate the poses to negate all of flaws while enhancing my [ahem] attributes.

I was welcomed so warmly with my very favorite adult beverage (Mimosa) was the beginning of the calming experience.  Petra's patience, understanding and artist eye made trusting her easy.

Whatever your fears are, Petra will allay them.  Whatever your flaws are, Petra will minimize them. Whatever you think about your lack of sex appeal, Petra will show you it is there...and she knows how to show it to you.  If the portraits are for you, you will treasure them always. If they are for that special someone in your life, you will become their treasure.